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Compact 145kV GIS Substations begin operation

TGOOD’s Compact 145kV GIS Substations reduce construction times to between 3 and 6 months and use only 20% of the space required by a traditional air insulated solution. With the first substation complete and more currently under construction, demand has been strong in urban areas and congested oil and gas project sites.

TGOOD wins prestigious social responsibility award

On December 10, TGOOD was awarded the People’s Bank National Credible Enterprise Award, recognizing the company’s commitment to operating in a socially and environmentally responsible manner and exceeding legal requirements for accountable business practices within China.

Electric taxi charging stations debut in Qingdao, China

After two years of intense R&D efforts, TGOOD has successfully completed Qingdao, China’s first ever electric taxi charging depot. TGOOD holds over 30 patents on electric vehicle charging substation technology, and city-wide projects are slated for construction in major Chinese urban including Beijing, Tianjin, Hefei and Huizhou.