TGOOD Australia Launches New Secondary Substation Kiosk


TGOOD Australia with the support of TGOOD Global R&D (pairing German engineering with Chinese manufacturing) continues to achieve success with the newly designed medium voltage prefabricated substation recently passing IEC type-testing certification.

The TDK (TGOOD Distribution Kiosk) incorporates TGOOD’s TGS 12kV and 24kV ring main units and transformers up to 750kVA.

Safety is at the forefront of the TDK design, with IEC 62271-202 IAC-AB type test certification ensuring operators, maintenance staff, and the public are protected in the event of a fault.

TGOOD’s advanced and vertically integrated manufacturing facilities allow for extremely short production and delivery of the TGOOD product portfolio, crucial for time-critical construction and renewable energy projects.

The new TGOOD substation features low height, modularization, environmental protection, high-efficient ventilation, compactness and outstanding anti-combustion arc.

The TGOOD compact substation solution, available in a variety of colours, is suitable for replacing or upgrading ageing plant or as an unobtrusive element in the design of new residential, commercial or industrial projects.

TGOODs commitment in the Australian market continues as the next phase of the TDK development is to achieve a maximum rating of 1600kVA at 12kV and 24kV.

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