TGOOD Latin America SAS

TGOOD Latin America serves 50 countries with around 500 million people. Most of the region consists of developing countries in different stages, going from very poor to rich.

Exceptionally Short Lead Times

Factory assembly and pre-commissioning allow TGOOD to provide the fastest delivery and installation times in the substation industry. We measure lead times in weeks, not months.

High Degree of Flexibility

Driven by our strict solution focus, and being able to take full advantage of our modular design concept, we respond with highest flexibility to client preferences.

Great Value for Money

As a vertically integrated solution provider, we are able to offer a high price-performance value that surpasses our customers` expectations.

About TGOOD Latin America

One of the main characteristics of the region is the natural resources richness, having some of the most important water and biodiversity reserves in the world. TGOOD has found projects where its modular concept can add value to its customers, allowing an increasing presence in the market.

Our Offer

The focus of the commercial efforts has been in the Utilities, Oil & Gas, Mining and Renewable Energies sectors since they are the most important sources of projects in the region. TGOOD Latin America is currently working on different opportunities where the prefabricated, modular substation concept applies.

Project Impressions

The TGOOD Difference

Over 7000 prefabricated substation solutions and eHouses produced annually.
Industries served include mining, oil and gas, transportation, power generation and power distribution.
Standard designs comply with best international building codes.
Largest installed base of Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging Systems in the world: To date > 180,000 charging terminals in > 280 cities.