The World’s leader in EV Group Charging System with 336 Patents

TGOOD has innovatively built up an optimized structure for the intelligent charging system, which occupies 40% share of the major market with 178,609 charging spots in 250 cities by August, 2017.
Group Charging Graph

Product Overview

  • Charging without piles saves space for customer and ensures safe charging for end-users.
  • De-energized plug avoids safety hazards completely.
  • Group management & control realizes the high integration and central control.
  • Charging modules can be customized configured and flexibly extended, which is also convenient for maintenance.
  • Active protection for the battery management system (BMS) and the TGOOD’s innovative CMS (Charging Management system) increase charging safety dramatically.
  • Flexible and soft charging technology improves battery life by 30%.

Key Benefits


  • The split charging post and charging plug ensures safety parking near the charging spots. Even the charging plug has been knocked down, the smart de-energized charging spot avoids electrical shock on users. The combination of BMS and CMS reinforces a safety charging process for users.

Cost saving

  • Modular intelligent charging system makes the customized power extension possible, which lowers the investment considering future construction and installation.
  • Innovative group charging solution provides more charging spots with less space, which save the customer’s land and can bring higher profit.
  • Smart charging based on electricity price can lower the charging cost.

Longer battery life

  • Active protection and flexible charging technology can extend the operating life of vehicle batteries by 30%.

Customized solutions

  • Plenty of charging references and variety of applications enable customized solutions to surpass customer’s expectation.

Global service

  • TGOOD regional company near you insures fast global service.

Smart & convenient

  • Intelligent charging operation & management platform realizes multiple local functions such as group charging management, automatic charging reservation, payments management, unattended operation, start/stop charging, supervision of charging process etc.