Global Leader in Prefabricated Substations and E-House Systems


Prefabricated substation components are factory pre-assembled and tested to reduce installation, construction and commissioning times by an average of 50%.

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Trailer Substation

The Mobile Substation Experts

TGOOD has a decade of experience manufacturing prefabricated mobile substation solutions for the world’s most remote project sites and harshest operating environments.

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Modular Substation

The World’s Most Compact High Voltage Prefabricated Substation

The TGOOD 145kV Compact GIS Substation reduces construction times to between 3 and 6 months and uses only 20% of the space required by a traditional substation.

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Renewable Energy

The World Leader in Prefabricated Solar and Wind Energy Substations

TGOOD has developed a full suite of prefabricated substations for solar photovoltaic and wind power generation.

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Electrical Components

HV Gas Insulated Switchgear

The High Voltage Switchgear Experts

TGOOD GIS modules are used in a variety of substation solutions including the Compact 145kV GIS Substation. TGOOD HV GIS utilizes maintenance-free SF6 gas insulated breakers for an extremely compact and versatile switchgear solution for challenging, space-constrained projects.

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Hybrid Gas Insulated Switchgear

Configurable Switchgear Solutions to Meet Project Needs

Compact HGIS modules may be ground supported or assembled as part of a compact substation complete with a prefabricated E-House.

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Medium Voltage Switchgear

An Integral Part of Each Prefabricated Substation

TGOOD produces over 7000 switchgear units annually for projects around the globe. Medium voltage metal-clad and metal-enclosed switchgear offers innovative features to ensure safety and durability in a product ideal for space-constrained environments.

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A Full Suite of Transformers to Meet Specialized Project Requirements

TGOOD offers a full suite of dry type, oil filled, and amorphous alloy core transformers as part of our prefabricated substation solutions.

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